All it takes to create a habit, is repetition over a period of time until it sticks:

30 days, is an excellent gestation period to grow a habit.

So, for the next 30 days (or more, should the habit be so well formed) I will not only write my usual bits of poetry, but also post a completed piece for public consumption.

The rules: - Post by midnight EST - No betas. Only finished, polished products. - Missed days = a brownie point challenge, which can be writing on a reader selected topic, experimenting with uncomfortable forms, topics or styles, or something.

------- The Challenge So Far------

Day 1: Break Down
Day 2: Down Below
Day 3: The Invisible
Day 4: Rebirth
Day 5: Some Things Break
Day 6: Encomium
Day 7: Inspire Me
Day 8: *missed*
Day 9: Open Heart
Day 10:Trauma Unit
Day 11: Judgment (A Haiku)
Day 11.5 (challenge/makeup): Came.Saw...
Day 12: No turkey there
Day 13: Post post
Day 14: Write a song
Day 15: Chisel Away
Day 16: Men Do Cry
Day 17: Some People Stay
Day 18: *technical miss*
Day 19: Can
Day 20: Numb

....remains incomplete.