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Erase this

Taking an eraser
To this inkblotted sheet
Hoping to make it all disappear
The paper will rip
The sheet will tear
Long before the etches
Can be removed
Like paper crushed
What was
Will never be the same again
What existed has dramatically changed
There is a reason they call it chemistry
The reactions are irreversible
The evidence
What’s done is done
Cause and effect
Effectually means
Equal and opposite responses
The resultant force
Of the chosen course
Will cause motion
And the simple notion
That only emotions are at play
And that makes all things fair
Is an error in logic
Because this is not love
So it must mean war
The big question is
What’s all the fighting for?
The spoils now spoilt
The milk now spilt
What’s the use in crying?
Words testifying
To some lust
Now loathsome
No love
Now lonesome
The trust?
The fuss
The lies
The good intentions
Leading to some wide road
But well paved
Oh how much effort was slaved
For feelings unsaved
Unsavory demise
Burnt and charred
Broken and scarred
Doubled in pain
Halved in sane
A picture perfect fake
Make no mistake
Normal is an overrated
To aid in the confusion
That comes with psychological contusions
Symptoms of matters of the heart
Or head
Too difficult to fathom
Too hot to hold
Too heavy to carry
Do not linger
Do not tarry there
Keep moving
Lest the frostbite take charge
Keep warm
Keep going
Keep pressing
Make more indentations
In the darkest black ink
So the tears will equally rip
The next time
The eraser passes its place.

Be Careful What You wish For

Setting the Stage