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Neurons firing
But missing their mark
Kind of like a novice
Shooting in the dark
No touch
No sound
No sight
No smell
No taste
Will trigger
What some may figure
To be butterflies
And daydreams
And walks on air
Flashes of sparks come
Then disappear
Sparks of light
Reactions get
And then dissolve
And abates resolve
And the places left burnt
Counts all as lessons learnt
But the nerves down beneath
Make their retreat
In tingling
Trying to find the best places
To attempt to feel again.

Not so numb
Inhaling the energy
The back of eyelids
Become great screens
Showing great scenes:
Great and small.


The boom boom of heart
Pounding in ears
As well as chest.
Life is good.
In perspective,
Great detectives
Couldn’t find much better

Than this
What would you wish for?
Than this
What could you ask?

The glass at half
Is neither empty
Nor full
At the same time
But enough
To slake some thirst
To abate some desire
For more

It is in the chase
That satisfaction is gleaned
In happiness of success
Is measured the worth of the quest

Than this
What is there to hope?

Simulation of stimulation
Prevents the atrophy
That is fear

It is a muscle that you carry
That you protect
And shield
Strength is gained by push
AND yield.

The shocks
Knocks off socks
But it seems in the end
It’s the jolts and the bolts
That makes what has stopped
Start beating again.

(Aug 1, 2009)

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