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Find Me

Like Hansel and Gretel I leave you crumbs,
Follow the path you’ll find me
There with Sherlock we will search in tandem
With looking glass and look-in glass we will scour the surface of my soul
and pick with axes to get to the core
Excavate the buried good within
Beneath the rotting corpse of skin
Evil flesh that reeks of human imperfection
That does not what I will it
That acts out it basest and basic
That burns and burns
Leaving a trail of burnt offerings to demigods and goddesses
That stops short of fulfilment
for lack of direction or lack of directness
That suffers mediocrity in silent indignation
In silence that engulfs and smothers
that becomes the cha cha cha of tongues untied
that becomes the assassin of soul
Find me in the desolation of this world
hidden untouched and unscathed but buried
waiting for your hand to reach down and pull me out
that we may dance the hustle all night long
round and round to every song
every tune of every tempo
let us dance like no one is watching
like everyone is watching
for an audience of 2
for a stadium of more
let us dance
with lions nipping at our heels
with dissenters pelting us with rocks
with cheerleaders egging us on
let us dance
find me in my cave and make my one two
And our two one
Find me and see me
And unite our purposes to one fight
Find me and take me to that place you whispered softly into my dreams
That place that is only in my dreams
Take me there
I leave you bread crumbs
tiny but distinct
follow me to my hiding place
then take me away

(jan 15, 2009)

©L. Ashwood