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Ladies Respect yourself! (Nov 5, 2007)

I went to a slam
and the guy’s voice ran clear
His words like violins –
vibrations of music to my ear
He said Ladies, you think men are beasts.
well these beasts would be extinct.
if there wasn’t meat for them to eat.

And it’s true, sooo true but I thought only a few knew that secret
And the knowledge was hidden with penalties to those who should leak it
But for real, what have we become?
Meat to these men?
There to be consumed
Doomed to reproduce them?

Why do the good guys get the raw deal?
Why do the bad guys get full course meals?
To pick, choose and refuse
without paying their dues
Why do we stand for boys in the place of men
Then lament about broken hearts time and again
Why do we lower standards instead requiring them to rise
And when they pull us down, pretend it’s some great surprise?

Why don’t we seek them based on the good they possess
Instead of the goods they get to try to impress
Why do we rate them by material things
Seek them for platinum chains, cars and diamond rings

Why do we refuse to open our eyes
To see that we are part of the problem for making those guys
Those guys that hurt,
that flirt
that swoon
Those guys that rape
and hate
the female fruit of the womb

We feed them images of hyper-sexualized ‘realities’
Thinking oh yes I’m so fly
Leaving nothing to the imagination
just frustration for even the most devout of guys

But that’s not to say all the blame’s on us
Because guys should learn to hold the reins on lust
and I guess if we check its a never ending loop
That will always shift blame to some unsuspecting group
But in the end, we only have control of ourselves
We choose our destinies, our heavens and our hells
For every action there’s a consequence
For every crime a punishment
We must be careful of the behaviors we accept and reject
But in the end, I think we should always choose respect.

Respect yourself!!

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