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it's ure day today papi
And i miss u
I'm thinking of u as she must be thinking of u
Not hurting as much
But still hurting.
3 years it's still a little hard
Still so fresh
3 years and i wish i had them back
I miss u papi
Not as many tears
But just as much heartbreak
I wish u could be there
3 months and 4 days from now
I wish u could have
U were always making sure i was ok
In our wordless relationship
I wish we had talked more
I miss u papi
The house is empty without u
The laughter half as full
I wish i could have u back
But i took u for granted
I don't deserve u back
I am happy i had u
Even if for a short while
U were the best
My one
My only
I miss u papi
I love u

Feb 20, 2009

letter to tofu