In Other Words are feelings masquerading as text on a page. 

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Other Things Intense

The ones that never get written
The ones that say too much
The ones that show me bare
Are the ones I want to share with you

The ones that are born of intensity
Raised in oppression
The hardy blossoms sprouting from stubborn ground
Those are the ones especially for you

Not the pampered easy flowing off the tongue ones
Not the ones born from innate charm
The ones born despite efforts to abort them
The ones that defy all wills
Those are the ones I wish for you

The ones that change every time they surface
That are given power on the sounds of voice
That do not hide their meanings on pages
But are alive in live action

The ones that come with tactile presentation
With energy that seeps in and stimulates your every sense
Not so common
Almost a capital offense
The ones that are the hangman's rope
Predetermining loss
Those are the ones I desire to give particularly to you
My only fear is that as I do
That like fire
And obsession
And other things intense
They will consume you

Feb 4, 2009


Playing with fire(written w/ excerpts from Carla Moore)