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> Sparky Things

Playing with fire(written w/ excerpts from Carla Moore)

Everyone likes playing with fire.
The closer, the hotter.
The hotter,
the better.
It’s the burn we crave sometimes because while ur being consumed u cant even think about after
If you can think at all.
Survival is out.
It’s about the burn
Tingling your skin,
Taking off the layers,
Leaving you bare as you wanna be
The flicker charming you like a pied piper,
Leading you to the cliff edge,
On the precipice between pleasure and pain
The confusion of the body releasing sweet narcotics
You feel it.
The heat drawing you closer still
A blasphemous bonfire of desire
Making you forget all deities but for this one mystifying light
Created from sparks of nothing
Two little rocks
A match
A lighter
The smell as beautiful or as rank as the thing it consumes
Leaving nothing behind but ash
It’s dangerous
Not for the faint of heart
Not for the easily consumed
It’s fun until somebody gets hurt
But sometimes the hurt is half the fun.
Play with fire,
Expect some burn.
Grab a match,
Let’s play.

***this piece plagiarizes the organic poetry of the talented Carla Moore who inspires and is inspired by feelings masquerading as words :)

Feb 3, 2009

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