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Spring Showers

Shower me with your kisses
Soft like
Soft lips
I'll be gentle in return.
Bury my face,
Take refuge
In the crook of your arm.
"I am listening!"

How soon is the soon you'll let me sleep?
If that really is your intention.
You've tricked me here.
I don't mind.
You rain down gently
You count down the time.
"4 more mins" 4 more ...
Till the next time you ask
For more.

Let me listen to the symphony
Beating in your chest for a while
Let me just rest for a while
There's a lot to process
"I'll be good"
Is taking too many meanings
I don't know what your meaning
You're showering me with kisses
What's the blooming idea?

April 25, 2009

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