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A rush
Of blood to the face
Like that winning smile
The one that summons
The crush
That holds the secret button
The lust that triggers
It figures that red would be the color
Like passion
Like pain
Like everything escaping your brain
Because you can't think past
Trying to shorten the length it lasts
Hide your face
Bury it deep
Hear the laughter light and sweet
Giggles at you
Maybe with you too

Like bright passion fruit pink
No that's yellow
Like bright guava red ...but guavas aren't cute
And you know you are
As you smooth your hair
As you fidget and twitch to take attention away
From the brightest spot on you
You know you're great
But you try to avoid eye contact
Till composure comes back
Till you can stand
And operate as planned

Respond to those sweet words
Of charm
Those sounds causing your heart to beat
Your blood to rush
Your mind to race
All you want
Is for time to slow down
So you can savor every sound
All you want is more time
Time to regain your footing
Maybe enough so you can dance
Do a little jig
Because you've been touched
Touched enough to blush
Touched by sentiment
Whatever sense it meant
You've been moved
And you just want time
Time to savor it
In exchange for the times you've saved for it
You've been noticed
And you want to note it
But all you can do is...
Can't control the rush
It's sweet really .'s a good thing red looks good on you.

June 3, 2009

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