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I Want You To

I want you to get under my skin
So I can feel again
Remember a time before
A time before them
A time before tears and confusion
A time before obsession with delusion
A time that we will repeat after now

I want you to get into my head
Whisper softly to allay my fears
To calm my demons
To lull my ghosts to sleep
And resurrect the sweetness
Of pure raw cane sugar
Back to my lips
And back to my tongue

I want to spend long nights
Learning your path
Where you are going
What you've grown from

I want you to get under my nails
Like a splinter but better
Like dirt from hard work
Like skin from scratching an itch
Finding a niche
Just so you can stay with me
A little bit longer
After you're gone

I want you to get into to my heart
Real slow like
So you don't tear me apart
Infest my dreams
Invade my mind
Make it a slow takeover
So that over time
When we look around
All we see
Is the beautiful path
From you and me
To us.

June 25, 2009

One Last Time