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"He's mine!"
She screams
Feathers all ruffled
Posturing for a cockfight
Between hens
Who'd be much better off
As friends
Over a overhyped prize
Too chicken
To turn down any passing
Breast and thighs
Big deal combo
Like it was KFC barbecue
With extra fries on the side
She sacrifices her pride
For he who did not have the balls to choose
And the gall to watch To see who will lose
Baby girl got the game all confused
Cuz she's the prize
With closed eyes
She enters this kitty fight
Scratching and clawing
For a catty life
With a dog with fleas
And maybe a pair of vehicle keys
Playing around
At risk for disease
Smiling to himself
Cheshire in grin
Happy to have any fight over him
Worthless brute
Scabby recruit
Unworthy of used toilet water
Trying to scandalize
Another empress daughter
Who's been sold the lie
That her worth is dependent on some guy
That her success
Is tied to her ability to impress
Some man who would die
If she didn't cook
Who'd catch disease
If she didn't clean
Cuz she's only meant to be seen
And objectified on movie screens
If she only knew
Her true worth
Goddess among men
Prolonging their existence on the earth
Bearing their children
Nurturing their boys
Degraded as baby moddas
Played with like toys
But there's no human saga
Without this Sega Genesis
She is the pearl and jewel to life
Denigrated to woman on the side
Disrespected even as wife
If you're not enough for him
He's not paying attention
You have enough problems
Without his added tension
He feels great
The creator of unneeded hate
Entitled to the female body
Even if it means rape
But he doesn't have to resort
To such violence
But God forbid he stop this one either
He's God's gift to womankind
So it doesn't matter how he treats her
She doesn't understand
That without her
He'd die
That if instead she allied
With her "enemy"
He could be a better guy
But no
She settles for dregs
Let's mediocre pass
Cuz "anyting a anyting"
And he drives an S-class
She doesn't realize
That division
Is a calculated decision
To maintain the status quo
And that men need women
Far more than they're willing to let show
Fear keeps her captive
She's unwilling to lose him to another her
Not realizing
That her worth depends on her
And that the fact she survives this "Man's world"
She's earned the right
To be the prize
And not the fighter
In any prizefight.

(c) 2009 L. Ashwood



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