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Chin Up Soldier

The expectations weigh heavy

Knees buckle

As inner demons chuckle

Telling you lies And covering your eyes

To the incredible potential of you


The Promise


The Possibility


The great big bundle of


You forget the wonderful things you've done
Forget the good you possess
Feel worthless and doubtful
Undervalued and overwhelmed

The anxiety eats you

Fear attempts to defeat you

And tries to unseat you

And usurp control
And darken your soul
And block out the light
You hold by right
Within Your beautiful skin

And make you feel unworthy
Of the place you're in

And cause a depression

An emotional recession

A negative progression
Of self-fulfilling lies
Till you can't help but despise

The beauty of you
And all that you do

And all you need is a hand

A body to help you stand

A shoulder for leaning

And a schedule for weaning

Off the soured teat
And rotting meat

Of self doubt

And self hate

And open the floodgates
Of light and joy
And inner peace
And hope....

The sun always shines
Even on the darkest day
It's just harder sometimes
To find that warming ray

Never give in
Never give up
You will drown
If you keep your head down
Stand tall soldier
Keep your chin up.

(c) 2009 L. Ashwood

You'r(e) hurt