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You'r(e) hurt

I hate to see you hurting

But you won't share your pain

I stand here umbrella in hand

As you shiver in the rain

You won't let me walk with you

Won't let me hold your hand

You keep falling and keep tripping

And won't let me help you stand

You're there within barricaded

Screaming to be free

As I stand here waiting

But you won't let me see

The thorn in your paw

As you scratch, slash and maim

Not sharing any of your hurt

But sharing all of your pain

I will sit and wait

With this salve and this balm

Till you pass through your inner storm

And come out to this calm

Solid but liquid

You are as strong as glass

Waiting for a break

To be free of your past






You're hurt

And your hurt

Is hurting those around

You hurt

So you hurt

But the hurting doesn't go down

It hurts you

To hurt them

But that's the nature of hurting you see

Hurt comes in packs

It just loves some company


Chin Up Soldier