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I breathed you in again

You tickled my nose

As you made your way in

Scratching the back of my throat

Leaving me in a fit of sneezing

And coughing

Eyes closed

Face cringed

Trying to expel you

From my body

I try hard to ignore

This rise in temperature

These palpitations

Feeling my chest tighten

Every time I try to release you

A slow wheeze

That makes it a little harder to breathe

I shiver

And shake

As you make your way through my system

Making me feel faint

Weakening my knees

Making me sweat

Leaving your mark

Like antibodies

Forever in my life stream


As mutations

Of your former selves

Taking up residence

In my very cells

Never really leaving

You're a part of me

Making me stronger

In each recurrence of you

So that eventually

Even as you float

In the very air I breathe

Infecting all those around

I can inhale you

In the deepest breath

And still resist you entirely.

(c) 2009 L. Ashwood

swallowing steel

You'r(e) hurt