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swallowing steel

Trying to forget you
While you stand in front of me
Being the you
You are
Is like swallowing steel
In the presence of a strong magnet
Not realizing that the attraction
Goes beyond the surface of things
And the ingested metal
Cold to the taste
Rips insides
Rushing to the surface
In internal bleeding
Leaving eternal scars
To never forget
And to never try
Revealing a hurt
That will never die
But should never have been made to live
Like pushing a millipede
Through a sieve
More rise up
Where one has fallen
Because forgetting
Means repeated mistakes
And many retakes
Of events better done never
And every time
I try to forget
I imprint you in my mind
Where you'll stay forever
Causing trouble
In my system.

(c) 2009 L. Ashwood

she swallows