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The Sun Shines Here

The sun shines here

Bright like our youths

We sometimes can't comprehend.

Like their many creative minds

We mustn't underwhelm.

The sun shines here


Like the colours that we wear:

The same on our flag

Waving proudly in the air.

It shines powerful

Like the potential we contain.


Like our personalities

That make us far from plain

Radiated energy

Absorbed with solar panels

Harnessed like new ideas

Flowing through proper channels

To create, innovate and stimulate our people

To re-energize and vitalize our economic vehicle.

The sun shines here

Here on this rock

Where we stand defiant

Likkle but tallawah

Against every giant

It shines here

In the presence of the clouds

That overshadow its campaign,

In spite of all the challenges

That fall like heavy rain

It shines bright

An ever-burning source of light

Brightening every struggle

As we face every trouble

We do not budge

Neither buckle

But tighten fist and knuckle

Beating down despair

Till the shadows disappear

So when they see us coming

They know the Sunshine's here!

(c) 2010 L. Ashwood


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