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Give me those ones

Give me the ones who dare

to care

to make a difference

The ones with fear

in their glare

but still stand for change

The ones with purpose

scared and nervous

that the failure option may be default

But still try and attempt

despite contempt

to  be the Light and the Salt.


that is bright

that puts up the fight

that pushes darkness to flee


that is cleansing

– though corruption is tempting –

that cleans out muck and debris


in their step


with reasoning

Full of energy

Varied like seasoning

The ones who wish

And provides a plan

The ones who pray

And designs a stand

The ones who play

but keeps a watchful eye

for ones who stray

and needs another try

Give me those ones

To dearly hold near

The ones who want change

And care to dare.

(c) 2010 L. Ashwood

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