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Look At Me

Look at me! he said.

I am somebody too.

I don't have the money

To buy the attention

That you won't pay me,

But I have worth just as much as you do

Error of birth does not make me less

Does not negate my humanness

Is not an indictment on who I'll be

And does not make me invisible

because of what you don't want to see

Look at me!

he said

I am who you'd be

if your situation took a flip

Honour my rights

Treat me with respect

No matter how high the chair on which you sit

Your seat can overturn

just as easy as a cup

And spill out all your coins

And leave you penniless

and out of luck

Protection of the weakest

Secures the strongest of the strong

Because even the strongest ones

Don't stay strong for long

Provide me avenues

for productive occupation

Then honour my labour

with adequate compensation

Respect my contributions

Regardless of what I wear

Encourage me to be better

But don't just judge me out of fear

My sweat and dirty clothes

are testament to my struggle

I am no less a man

if I don't shave away my stubble

Knowledge is power

Empower me to give my utmost contribution

We have common problems

Let me help in seeking the optimal solution

If I choose to be honest

I need you to honour my choice

And when I cry out in pain

I need you to honour my voice

If you respect me

I won't have much reason to hate you

And if we could cooperate

Imagine the great things we could do!

I can be just as smart

And twice as resourceful

if you need me to be

But you will never see my potential

if you never







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(c)2010 L. Ashwood


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