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Love Spell

Some smells

bring back memories

as vivid as bright paint graffiti

newly shaken and sprayed

from a bottle

or can

Taking you back to a time

or place

that when stamped into your mind

left ridges

and indentations

so deep that nothing

could make you forget

that smell

The type that tarries on your tastebuds

falls on the back of your throat

rests gently on your jacket

and fills your pockets

with glee

The type

that highlighted every color

recorded every motion

that the very smell of that potion

brings you back

right there

in the middle of

that street

that room

that space

where it enveloped you

casting spells

of love

of hunger

of joy

of happiness

of emotions and feelings

you still can't readily identify

The kind that lingers

that wraps its fingers around you

holding tight

reminding you of good days

and happy nights

all the things that you seem to bring me

all the things I want to keep.

I wish that

I could bottle you

And wear you


next to my skin

like that kind of smell.

(c) 2010 L. Ashwood

The original version of this post got lost, but I think the redo came out better. Hope you enjoy!

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