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idiot tings <- ure title :)

Cooties <- my title :)

I hate how you make me smile
When I’m mad at you
How you make me laugh
When I want to scream
And how you can change my mood
So easily
With your silly little grin!
I’m independent!
When you’re not around
I’m my own!
When you’re not there
I’m strong and brave
and amazing
and so many things
When you don’t melt me
into droplets
And turn me into goops of stupes
and nonsense
when you call me
I hate how you make me forget
and how you remind me of happy things
and times
when I really want to rant
and rip multiple new ones
And how you can make me feel you
loving me
with only your words
of kindness
and sweetness
and pure unadulterated stupidity
I really wish you’d stop being awesome already
So I could properly hate you
Your love is just really sickening
And I really don’t want to fall for you
Cuz you’re just a silly little stupidhead
and it seems to be contagious...

(c) 2010 L. Ashwood


When you call me yours