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We made poetry

Some people make love
Some people make do
But you and me
We made poetry

We whispered verses
Danced sonnets
Wrote odes
Embraced in emotion
Wrapped up in a more than feeling
We Made Poetry

A contradiction in terms
Drenched in onomatopoeias
Of how we made our relative yous feel

A deep poem
A light limerick
We danced on clouds
Right before rolling in the mud
Buried under layers of misunderstandings
And too many overstandings
Losing our standing
In Us.

Love songs bleed dry
Hearts broken
In love
Or something like it
And only memory survives
Where touch and other senses fade

Eyes closed
Holding in
The liquid vapors
Of a world now melted
Like ice cream in summer
Memory serves
A bittersweet dessert
Light and heavy
On tongues
And lips
Now sealed
Remembering like a fairytale
Once upon a time
You and me
Me and wonderful you
We Made Poetry.


(c) 2011 L. Ashwood

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