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Hundreds of poems,

Like hundreds of unfinished thoughts

Incomplete missions

Lay strewn across the landscape of my mind,

Landmarking memories

Fuzzy but unforgotten;

Tagging identifiers

Signatures of DNA

The microscopic makeup

Of what makes me tick;

Unfinished cogs

Waiting to be shifted into gear

To make it to spoken air

To linger in liquid vapor

And float as vibrations

To trigger a resonance

With a frequency

That forbids their forgetting

Just their low humming

Playing melodies at the back of your mind

They whisper gently

In my ear

Wanting to be solid

To be taken into a new dimension

To be made whole

And part

Gestalt of me โ€“

There is not enough time

Or energy to pen them all

But each one

Speaks encomium

For those stillborn

Waiting for a second coming

So that they too can breathe.

(c) 11-29-2011 L. Ashwood

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