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30 Day Challenge: As of Day 14

At the end of my second week of writing and posting daily, I am spewing poetry onto pages left, right and centre. I have opened a valve that indiscriminately wants to lay my mind transparent to all those that dare read my work. I no longer have to worry about not being able to write, but about saying too much when I do. I have found that I am afraid of what I might say, even as all I want to say is the truth.

As in A Few Good Men, some people can't handle the truth, least of all me at times. So I find my current challenge is to become creative in saying things I don't want to say but can't avoid saying anyway.

You might wonder, "but what could be so wrong in just posting the truth?" Well, just like governments don't tell you everything because it's not politically prudent for their endeavors in international relations, it's not prudent for my personal relations either. Or as others might say it: it's complicated.

Nonetheless, I hope that you are enjoying the journey so far. I want to expand my repertoire and delve outside my usual comfort zone and am very open to suggestions. This season of poetry will be my best yet!

For those who have been faithful since the beginning, thanks for your help and support in my development to this point. For those recently joining the fold, buckle up, it's going to be an interesting ride!

Blessings and light, L. Ashwood

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