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> Sparky Things

Like A Bug

Capture me

with your stare,

Let me squirm

'neath the thumb of your gaze,

Pin me down

and let me not escape

or excuse myself

from possibility

and potential.

Hold me,

just so,

so my wings don't break–

And dissect my exoskeleton

to see my soft



Catalogue the insanity

Become an expert

in me,

Be translator

Of my chirps

and rhythms,

Go out

late at night

to find me

Observe me,

learn me,

love me,

like this:

Like a dragonfly,


or firefly,

Wonder at me,

Look at me,

Capture me

In cupped hands,

Like a rare Jamaican Giant Swallowtail butterfly

And love me

Like a bug.

(c) 5-9-2012 L. Ashwood


I would

Today I let go