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Stringed instrument


I do not wish to be played–

But if you must play me,

Play me close to your chest

Hold me against your body

And let your fingers dance across my skin

As strings;

Strum a beautiful melody

Strike each note

Strong and intentful

So my soul resonates

To syncopated rhythms

Straight from your heart –


To let a sonorous symphony

Of strong emotion

Spring from the slightest motion

Of your will,

Make music with me,

Play me

Soft rock, smooth jazz;

To reggae rhythms;

Like a skillful solo riff;

Or like the steady bass

Of an intense roots melody.


Do not

Wish to be played.

But if you must play me

Play me like a stringed instrument

A guitar

Or cello

An upright bass,

Or violin

If you must play me

Play me like this

Honestly and beautifully

Play me with integrity

If you really must play.

©7-14-2012 L. Ashwood

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