In Other Words are feelings masquerading as text on a page. 

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The Write the Words series has been a journey of unraveling revelation. From a simple observation one Saturday afternoon, when new music gave power to words already written becoming an analysis of preparation and patience for ensuing hopeful inevitability. So much. Careful observation of the date stamps will show that Parts 1 and 2 came in close succession. Literally hours between them, twins. They were meant to be one but were forced apart to be separate entities of the same DNA.

Part 3 was born some time afterwards- on the day I realized I'd scheduled and forgotten the release of Part 2. Pleasant surprise leading to a rereading of the twins and begging for a third. I obliged.

Trilogies can be dangerous. But this is a trinity. One whole in three parts. Write the words.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Write the Words Pt. 3

Write the Words Pt. 2