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Lets be friends

My mother always told meFrom the age of 10 She can't be my girl If she can't be my friend...

-Damian Marley

Let me be friend
Even as we flirt
Let us have deep and moving conversations
Over dinners cooked together
Or served by over zealous waiters
Who check too often
And bring the bills too soon

Let us share inside jokes
Private thoughts
Deepest fears
And greatest hopes
Build a trust
From the ground up
From the very start
Finding strength
In shared vulnerabilities
Or teasing each other mercilessly
In that witty sort of cheeky
That comes from intimate knowing

Let us be friends
With intent
Of earned benefits
And of learned requisites
For a type of love
That goes deeper In meaning
Than anything ordinary
Because we are anything but

Let's be honest
Confess our ugly early
And find beauty
In genuine truth
Lets be real
Reveal the things
That really make us feel
And be ourselves
Even in our us

Let us have something
Outside the physical
Transcend the spiritual
Lets discover love in friendship
Until that love begs us for more.

© 3-11-12 L. Ashwood

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