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I remember

I remember how much I wanted you
Craved you like a meal only grandma could cook
Longed for you
Like stewed peas with spinners
Served over white rice that tastes nicer
Than any restaurant could dare make
The sweetness of the meat
Contrasting the salty of the marrow....

Wanting you like cold tiles
On a hot Jamaican day
Wishing just to lay my body still against you
To give you my heat
For a little of your cool.

I remember
Having you and holding you
Like the toy I dare not break
But musted to test
Because limits were merely boundaries
You haven't yet understood

And I remember losing you
Like the walls of my sandcastle
As the tide came in to reclaim its space
And take your place

And I remember
As your prints melt away
From the shores of the beach
That there is salt enough in sea
To forget.

© 3-20-2013 L. Ashwood

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