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Spring/Summer Cleaning

You know that time of night you know you should be in bed because you have a ridiculously early morning and possibly long day ahead, but you suddenly have the urge (and the energy) to clean. That time which is clearly inconvenient but your body conveniently thinks it more optimum than all the planned-out-mapped-out-designated times you set before for such a task but blew off for nothing but sheer energy lack because your body thought it conveniently funny you'd plan to be even the slightest bit organized and forward thinking.

Yea! That time is now! At minutes to midnight when I need to be up at 4...4:30.....out by 5.

And you know those poems, scraps of genius, important but forgotten business cards, and other paraphernalia piling up in that one bag...bin...entire corner of your room that you keep meaning to get to but keep putting off because you know for a fact it is going to take forever....and really who has the time? Yea.....those things.

Well, inconveniently convenient for me, I'm uncovering treasure troves of gems that I feel obligated to read and further obligated to post right at this moment and all I can think is how much sleep do I need anyway? Right?

....wrong. I've work to do. Photos to edit. Things to finalize. Aish! Grownuphood is such a drag sometimes.

Man being responsible is WORK!

Translation: you gotta wait a bit.

But in the mean time: What are you doing with your day? What have you put off so long you forgot that thing about yourself?

Share yours and stay tuned for mine. I've got some sorting and sifting and a bit of editing....but it'll be worth it...maybe.

Bug me for something this week.

Going to bed...and already setting the snooze

L. Ashwood


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