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Take: Granted

Take them for granted–
Till they grant your wish to be left alone;
And in that wilderness,
As you long for the water
In their cask,
You will learn that caskets are best filled
With the tears of those you've touched
Beyond skin
And ease,
Of those whose reach
Made you stretch
That you might grow,
Of things done
Especially at the expense
Of things had–
And in the silence
You will see,
That blessings
Are best
Spread wide
Like arms
That hold you warmer than blankets
When weeping doesn't quite soothe your sorrows,
And lest you regret
Wasting the time you had left
Take them for whispers
Take them for flickers
Take them for dinner
But don't take them for granted
Because when they are taken
You can't make it up
You can't take it back
Only take it in
And hope that in the taking
Only the best was granted.
© 8-22-2013 L. Ashwood


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