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Grab your chest

It's there

That feeling you want to feel

Carry it with you

Just below the surface

Of water wanting to find light

Of a mind dodging the dark

Of skin itching to feel other things

Scratching and clawing at a throat

Trying to find air

To handle the things sitting

And standing

On chest


And full;

Overturn it

In the middle of the square

Let the jewels spill out

Like blood that wouldn't pump like it was needed

In a heart that needed more;

Wish you could bring back the lost

K(no)w some wishes don't come true

Sit wishing anyway

Because some wishes are for themselves

Then collect your gems

Scattered and spilt

Back into your chest

Back to carrying it

Heavy as it is

No time to stop

Take it with you

Take it for the journey

The whole chest.full.

© 7-31-2013 L. Ashwood

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