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A Hard Climb

I climbed ladders

Atop chairs

Perched on tables

High on hilltop cliffs

Trying to get over you


Than the walls

I refused to build

To box me in

Safe but not sound


Than the esteem

I want to keep you in

Because hate isn't worth it

I climbed

Trying to shake you

Trying to get over

So I wouldn't go under

So we both could heal

So it wouldn't hurt

So we could move on

And it seemed to work

And we seemed to heal

And it seemed to be ok

But every now and then

When your face is next to mine

I'm not high enough

And I'm not over you

And it hurts like hell

And seems time again

To start climbing more  ladders

Wedged atop chairs

Precariously perched on shaky tables

High in the sky on hilltop cliffs

Trying hard as rocks

Without becoming stone

To somehow get over you

(c) 2009 L. Ashwood

The Sun Shines Here

she swallows