the journey begins...

Welcome to other words...., a site primarily dedicated to personal expression through poetry. Each poem tells its own story. A few, read in the right order, tells an even bigger one.

It is an anthology that is inspired by "feelings masquerading as words". Like feelings, there are layers and layers of meanings hidden all over these pieces. I encourage you to read and reread them with an open mind to find the many rabbitholes hidden within.

If you like one poem, it is likely you'll like another. Browse, by picking a topic you like from the section on the right. Read the poems in chronological order or read them at random and learn a lot about me and hopefully a bit about you. Then when you're ready, comment, rate and share the ones you like.

Take time to really wander through this gallerymuseum, and peruse each art(i)fact. Don't be afraid to leave your fingerprints and take some dust with you. This curator expects it.